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Ammini Aunty is here to walk you through these recipe step-by-step.

Ammini Aunty’s Menu

  Papaya with Grated Coconut

  (Spicy Coconut Powder)


Ammini Aunty (Saramma/Sara) did not learn all her cooking skills from her childhood in Kerala. At the age of seventeen like many of her friends and cohorts in nursing, Sara began a nursing career in Mumbai the erstwhile Bombay. She learned cooking because of the necessity of survival. She found cooking natural and her friends willing to teach what they knew. Over forty years of experimenting with food and feeding family and friends made cooking her go-to hobby and passion. In those years, those who have tasted her cooking, have praised her talents and have come back for more again and again. When her children requested she document her recipes on YouTube, she was more than willing to help. It makes Ammini Aunty so happy when viewers share pictures of their recreations of her recipes and share how the videos helped give them the confidence to try Kerala-style cooking.

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Exciting News! Ammini Aunty has been working on a cookbook!