About Ammini Aunty’s A Pinch of Kerala

Kerala is a land of spices. Their culinary treats are infused with spices that do not overwhelm the food but in fact, enhances it. It only takes a Pinch of Kerala to taste the burst of flavor.

You can now make your favorite Kerala dishes yourself. No longer are you limited to going to a restaurant or waiting till you visit your family to taste your personal favorites.

Growing up, watching our parents cook our favorite meals, it always seemed complicated and time-consuming. The foods were magically cooked and whenever you asked your parents how they made it, what followed were a lot of directions and ingredients you had never heard before.

Ammini Aunty is known among her friends and family for delicious Kerala cooking, whether it be snacks or full meals. Many have asked her children, whether they can cook like their mom, and the answer has always been no, until now. Ammini Aunty’s A Pinch of Kerala was born from Ammini Aunty’s children’s desire to document and capture their mom’s cooking and share those lessons with the world at the same time.

Join Ammini Aunty Sundays at 7 pm EST on Facebook Live or YouTube Live and watch as she teaches how to make popular Kerala dishes from snacks to entrees to desserts. Download the recipe ahead of time from the Ammini Aunty’s A Pinch of Kerala website. Try your hand at making a Kerala dish either by yourself or watching the replay and cooking along with Ammini Aunty. And if you have any questions, reach out to the APOK team via social media or our contact form and they’ll get you answers from Ammini Aunty herself.

As Ammini Aunty says, “If you put your mind to it, you can do it.

About Saramma (Sara) “Ammini Aunty” Joshua

Ammini Aunty (Saramma/Sara) is a nurse who has been working in Baltimore, MD, USA for the last 40 years. Teaching has always come naturally to her. During her nursing journey, she oriented countless nurses and nursing students. One piece of advice she always gives to them is to do things from the heart and always be compassionate to those they help. Good advice for all of us to apply in our life. When her children asked her to capture her knowledge and passion for cooking for them and her grandchildren, Ammini Aunty knew she could do it thanks to her experience orienting others. She wants whoever is watching her cooking to feel comfortable asking questions because she wants them to be successful. Her philosophy is that we can learn from each other.

Ammini Aunty’s cooking passion started at an early age whenever she would see someone cooking or creating a new dish and it inspired her to practice a lot. She enjoys going to the store to get ingredients so she can practice in her kitchen. It makes Ammini Aunty so happy when people are able to enjoy and appreciate the flavor in every dish. Cooking was something she learned from her cousins and friends coupled with her imagination and a lot of practice. When you teach one person to cook, they will help teach another, spreading the joy of cooking. You don’t have to be an expert for cooking. It is a matter of love and passion for cooking and enjoying what you are doing. Anybody can cook. Ammini Aunty often says, “If you put your mind to it, you can do it.” With this mantra in mind, “Ammini Aunty’s A Pinch of Kerala” was developed to share Ammini Aunty’s love for cooking with others.

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Exciting News! Ammini Aunty has been working on a cookbook!