Ammini Aunty's Cookbook

Stop for a moment and go back – back to the smell of samosas on the ride from Mumbai to Kerala. Back to the crack of the knife on the coconut, the popping of the mustard seeds, and the whistle of the pressure cooker. Back to your first-ever sip of masala chai, or the explosion of flavor in the first bite of Mummy’s biriyani. For many of us, our fondest childhood memories centered around South Asian food, watching our loved ones prepare traditional dishes that meant something to our families and our cultures. The aroma, the clanking of the utensils, rhythm of the Bollywood songs, the simple joy of being in mother’s kitchen– these are moments we relive enjoy over and over again in our memories!

But the challenge is, you haven’t had a chance to learn and pass on those same traditional South Asian meals. Maybe your schedule is too full to try to figure out traditional recipes. Or maybe the loved ones who could have taught you the recipes have passed on or live at a distance. Or maybe traditional cooking just seems too hard. But no matter the reason, it all leads to the same issue – you haven’t been able to replicate those cherished childhood memories with your own friends and family. And that just shouldn’t be.

Ammini Aunty has been there. Growing up in Kerala, India, Ammini Aunty learned to cook with her sister over fifty years ago. After moving to the U.S., cooking became not just a way to feed her growing family, but to remain connected to her heritage and her childhood home.

With her children now grown, Ammini Aunty has decided to share her passion for traditional Kerala cooking with the world through her “Ammini Aunty’s A Pinch of Kerala” YouTube channel. In just one year, Ammini Aunty has been able to share her take on traditional Indian food with over 1,000 subscribers.

The Ammini Aunty’s A Pinch of Kerala Cookbook is the next step in her journey to helping the next generation recreate the warmth of childhood memories in their own homes and with their own families!

The cookbook

The AAAPOK Cookbook provides:

  • Modern twists on old Kerala classics
  • Kerala twists on American dishes
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions
  • Clear recipe lists

Who's it for

The AAAPOK Cookbook is for absolutely anyone who:

  • Wants to cook but has been afraid to try
  • Want to learn how to cook traditional recipes
  • Loves to cook but has gotten tired of old recipes
  • Loves Indian food
  • Wants to create amazing memories with friends and family

Whether you’re aching to reconnect with your own heritage or simply want to create new memories with your own family, like to cook or find cooking scary – this cookbook will be perfect for YOU!

The need

To help Ammini Aunty achieve her dream and help others just like you learn to cook traditional food and make new memories, we want to print 300 hardcover and electronic versions of the Ammini Aunty’s A Pinch of Kerala cookbook. To do that, we need to raise $13,000 by August 21. That money will go directly towards:

  • Testing of the recipes
  • Formatting of the recipe book
  • Printing and binding of the recipe book
  • Fulfillment of the recipe book

Those memories of your childhood don’t have to be unique anymore. Add new memories of smells, sounds, warmth, and the joy from the kitchen by funding and purchasing the AAAPOK Cookbook. Start making new memories today!

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Exciting News! Ammini Aunty has been working on a cookbook!