Instructions on How to Download an eBook:

To our Kickstarter Backers who have bought an eBook, we think we've fixed the problem. Thank you for your support and patience throughout.
If you already downloaded it once prior to January 27, 2024, please re-download it. We realized the front cover was missing from the pdf. The fastest way to do this is to go back to the original e-mail. The subject of the email you're looking for is
“Download the Digital Products -Ammini Aunty's A Pinch of Kerala Cookbook”. Find that email and click “Download the Digital Products” again.

If you have not already downloaded the eBook, we recommend you do this from a computer and not a mobile device.
Please choose from the following two options:

  • eBook ONLY Backers – You only bought an eBook, nothing else. You must complete the survey from PledgeBox. If you don't see the survey, please log into If you've already completed it, please follow the instructions below.
  • eBook+ Backers – If you bought an eBook in addition to a physical cookbook and/or apron (eBook+). Please follow the instructions below.

If you have any questions or have trouble getting the download, please do not hesitate to email us directly at



If you are told that you have an invalid code AND Pledgebox cannot find your email, then you need to:

  1. Click SIGN UP your Kickstarter email with Pledgebox.
  2. Log in to Pledgebox
  3. Click on View
  4. On the right-hand side you'll see “Get the Download Link.” Click on the link.
    Note: You may have to wait before being able to get the download link.
  5. Check your email for a new Code to enter and download the eBook.

Our apologies for the number of steps it is taking to get you the cookbook. This is a characteristic of Pledgebox and is the option we have for managing book delivery.  

1. Log into your Pledgebox Backer Account.

2. On the right side under “Shipping Address” you should see “Download the Digital Products.” Click “Get the Download Link”

3. You will see this notification. Check your email inbox for an email from PledgeBox

4. Copy the Verification Code and click “Download the Digital Products.”

5. Enter the verification code and click continue.

6. Download the e-Book by clicking “Download.” The screen will tell you how many remaining items you can download the Cookbook within a year from when you originally took the survey. We cannot promise that technical difficulties won't come up down the road to get the cookbook, so please download it ASAP.