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Mango CurryShort VideoVegetarianEasy to Make Kerala Style Mango Curry made of diced mango pieces sautéed with Kerala spices and completed with creamy coconut milkFull VideoRecipe
Payaru ThoranShort VideoVegetarianPayaru Thoran is a simple dry and flavorful green lentil/gram curry with coconut that goes along wonderfully as a side dish of Kanji.Full VideoRecipe
Thenga ChammanthiShort VideoSide DishesThenga Chammanthi is a coconut chutney primarily made of ground coconut and commonly used as a condiment with Dosa and Idli.Full VideoRecipe
Kadhala CurryShort VideoVegetarianKerala Style Kadala Curry is made of Red Chana dhal or black chick peas commonly termed Kadala in India is cooked with traditional Kerala spices and often accompanies the rice dish called Kanji (Rice gruel or rice porridge).Full VideoRecipe
KanjiShort VideoGrainsKanji is a simple rice porridge that is made of rice, water, and salt for taste.Full VideoRecipe
Beef UlarthiyathuShort VideoPoultry & MeatErchi or Beef (Erchi) Ularthiyathu is diced meat cooked with combination of spices and Garam Masala.Full VideoRecipe
Moru KachiyathuShort VideoSide DishesLearn how to make Seasoned yogurt curry (Moru Kachiyathu) with a wonderful color of turmeric often a standard accompaniment to Rice. Full VideoRecipe
Garam MasalaShort VideoIngredientsGaram Masala is a common spice mixture used in many Indian dishes. Homemade Garam masala gives a fresh flavor to your dish. Full VideoRecipe
PalappamShort VideoGrainsMaking tasty Kerala Style Appam for Your Breakfast, commonly known in Kerala as Palappam or simply appam is a soft rice hopper.Full VideoRecipe
Cabbage ThorenShort VideoVegetarianSouth Indian, Kerala Style Cabbage Thoran is made of Cabbage thinly sliced and stir fried with coconut and a group Kerala spicesFull VideoRecipe
Chicken Stew (w/Coconut Milk)Short VideoPoultry & MeatKerala Chicken Stew with Coconut Milk is made of an aromatic preparation of chicken with coconut milk and a combination of spicesFull VideoRecipe
Lesson in SpicesShort VideoIngredientsKerala Spices for Traditional Indian Cooking may seem intimidating, but Learn about some of the basic spices used in traditional Kerala cooking.Full VideoComing Soon
Tuna CutletShort VideoSnacks & AppetizersTuna Cutlet is a Great Kerala Snack and Appetizer, made of Spiced Tuna deep fried or oven baked.Full VideoRecipe
Potato MezhukupurattiShort VideoVegetarianKerala Cooking Style Potato Mezhukupuratti (Potato Stir Fry) is made of Stir fried potato sticks with spicy Kerala flavorsFull VideoRecipe
Fish MolleeShort VideoFish & ShellfishKerala Cooking Style Fish Curry - Fish Molee (Yellow Fish Curry) is a Kerala specialty, where marinated, fried fish is cooked slowly in coconut milk spiced to satisfactionFull VideoRecipe
How to Cut & Wash a Whole ChickenHow ToLearn How to Cut, Wash and Debone a Whole ChickenFull VideoComing Soon
Chicken BiryaniShort VideoPoultry & MeatEasy Chicken Biriyani Recipe for Beginners (Kerala Style). A favorite of Keralites and South Indians, marinated chicken pieces are part of complete meal combined with rice.Full VideoRecipe
AchappamShort VideoSnacks & AppetizersMake Your Own Achappam aka Rose Cookies to reflect the mold used this crunchy cookie is made with rice, milk and spicesFull VideoRecipe
SambarShort VideoSide DishesKerala Style Sambar Like You Get From an Indian Restarurant is a Medley of vegetables and dhal cooked as a curry and often used as a soup and an accompaniment to cooked rice, chapati and bread.Full VideoRecipe
DosaShort VideoVegetarianAll in One Batter Recipe for Dosa and Idli. Dosa a common rice pancake made with rice and lentil is a favorite around the worldFull VideoRecipe
Potato BhajiShort VideoVegetarianPotato Bhaji aka Aloo Bhaji is potatoes that are spice induced cooked and roughly mashed, a common accompaniment or stuffing for Dosa or Chappati. Full VideoRecipe
ChammanthiShort VideoSide DishesChammanthi is a coconut chutney that can be made to accompany Dosa, Idli and other foods. Full VideoRecipe
Semiya PayasamShort VideoDessertEasy to Make Sweet Dessert of Semiya Payasam, which is made of vermicelli in milk and infused with flavorings and sugar. Full VideoRecipe
Spicy Indian MeatballsShort VideoAmericanKerala Style Spicy Meatballs and Spaghetti. Meatballs in Indian spices make this recipe a favorite of childrenFull VideoRecipe
Chilli ChickenShort VideoPoultry & MeatEasy Recipe to get Restaurant Style Chilli Chicken at Home. Adapted from the Chinese recipe for chili chicken Indian spices make this dish a fan favoriteFull VideoRecipe
Lemon PickleShort VideoPickleEasy Lemon Pickle (Achar) Recipe. Tangy and spicy ingredients make lemon pieces tasty.Full VideoRecipe
Beans MezhukkupurattiShort VideoVegetarianBeans Mezhukkupuratti (Beans Stir Fry with Black Eyed Peas) is made of cut string beans sautéed with spices is often part of the menuFull VideoRecipe
Vegetable Fried RiceShort VideoGrainsMedley of sautéed vegetables combined with rice cooked in water infused with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves etc.Full VideoRecipe
Egg CurryShort VideoPoultry & MeatBoiled egg cooked with a mix of spices in coconut milk Is a breakfast favorite with “Palappam.” It can also be eaten with Chappati.Full VideoRecipe
Chicken CurryShort VideoPoultry & MeatChunks of chicken evenly coated with spices is a compliment to any lunch or dinnerFull VideoRecipe
Shrimp Curry w/ Coconut MilkShort VideoNon-VegetarianThe spices perfectly coat the shrimps and the coconut milk provides the taste that lingersFull VideoRecipe
Indian OmeletteShort VideoVegetarianA simple egg omelet with additional flavor of ginger, curry leaves with grated coconutFull VideoRecipe
Tomato CurryShort VideoVegetarianThe spices bring out the best in the Tomato Curry with coconut milk. A wonderful accompaniment to any main course.Full VideoRecipe
IdiyappamShort VideoVegetarianSimple rice flour dish, a favorite breakfast dish with stews or with milkFull VideoRecipe
Beef CutletShort VideoNon-VegetarianGround beef cutlets are wonderful appetizers with its aromatic spices.Full VideoRecipe
AvialShort VideoVegetarianA blend of many vegetables slowly cooked to provide the taste you never forgetFull VideoRecipe
PooriShort VideoVegetarianIndian Style Fried Bread made from Whole Wheat FlourFull VideoRecipe
Fried FishShort VideoNon-VegetarianCrispy and spicy on the outside. Flaky and tender on the inside. This fish fry recipe will transport you to a houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala.Full VideoRecipe
Pork UlarthiyathuShort VideoNon-VegetarianMaking Kerala Style Pork Stir Fry Full VideoRecipe
Mathanga CurryShort VideoNon-VegetarianA seasonal dish perfect for fall celebrations such as Onam. The warmth of pumpkin makes this a great dish to be served with rice or chappati!Full VideoRecipe
PuttuShort VideoVegetarianA light dish of steamed rice flour and grated coconut shavings and can be eaten as a sweet or savoryFull VideoRecipe
Parippu VadaShort VideoVegetarianCrunchy fritters made from lentils that are perfect with an afternoon chai.Full VideoRecipe
Lamb CurryShort VideoNon-VegetarianLamb chunks marinated in a rich flavorful gravyFull VideoRecipe
Beef CurryShort VideoNon-VegetarianPieces of cubeed beef in a savory gravy. Full VideoRecipe
Red Fish CurryShort VideoNon-VegetarianFlavored fish in a red curry sauce. Full VideoRecipe
Parippu (Kerala Style Dal Curry)Short VideoVegetarianParuppu curry is an earthy lentil (dhal) soup mildly spiced and tempered to perfection. A staple of the State of Kerala, India during functions and festivals, Paruppu curry is a soup and a meal in itself.Full VideoRecipe
Butter ChickenShort VideoNon-VegetarianEasy to make Restaurant Quality Butter ChickenFull VideoRecipe
Hakka Noodle (Veg and Non-Veg)Short VideoBothBold and balanced flavors from India and China take these noodles to true comfort food.Full VideoRecipe
Indian style Fruit SaladShort VideoVegetarianIndian style Fruit SaladFull VideoRecipe
Egg RoastShort VideoNon-VegetarianA blend of onions and spices complement hardboiled eggs and make it a good side dish for appam, putta or even riceFull VideoRecipe
Beef PuffsComing SoonNon-VegetarianComing SoonComing SoonRecipe
How to Make ChappatiRecipeVegetarianComing SoonFull VideoComing Soon
Ethikya Appam (Fried Plantain Fritters)RecipeVegetarianComing SoonFull VideoRecipe
NeyappamComing SoonVegetarianA fried sweet snack made from rice flour, bananas and jaggery.Coming SoonRecipe
PappadamComing SoonVegetarianComing SoonComing SoonRecipe
Flavored Beans Medley (ബീൻസ് തോരൻ)Short VideoVegetarianEasy to Make Kerala Style Beans and shredded coconut for a light flavorful dishNot availableRecipe
Uppumavu a South Indian Breakfast Dish (ഉപ്പ്മാവ്)Short VideoVegetarianA favorite breakfast of the Indian subcontinent, especially Keralites, the grainy texture of the Rava combined with minced onions and spices is infused with boiling water and milk to a fluffy consistency. Always a quick breakfast mealNot availableRecipe
Spicy roasted coconut curry (തീയൽ)Short VideoVegetarianRoasted coconut curry enhanced with spices and eggplantsNot availableRecipe
Ginger Curry (ഇഞ്ചി കറി)Short VideoVegetarianEarthy taste of ginger is the key taste of this curryNot availableRecipe
Kappa Vevichathu (കപ്പ)Short VideoVegetarianA staple of Kerala, Kappa (Tapioca) boiled and tempered with mustard seeds, turmeric, garlic, dried chili.Not availableRecipe
Spicy Rasam Soup (രസം)Short VideoVegetarianA medley of spices gives this soup an enchanting sour and sweet tasteNot availableRecipe
Chicken roasted with dry spices (ചിക്കൻ റോസ്സ്റ്)Short VideoNon-VegetarianChicken pieces marinated with dry spices, fried and double roasted in spicesNot availableRecipe
Kerala Meen Thoran (മീൻ തോരൻ)Short VideoNon-VegetarianKerala fish/meen cooked with spicy grated coconutNot availableRecipe
Pineapple Pachadi (പൈനാപ്പിൾ പച്ചടി)Short VideoVegetarianPachadi is Yogurt infused with spices and a specific vegetable of choice. Pineapple Pachadi provides the sweetness of pineapple and the spices provide the tanginess.Not availableRecipe
Easy to make Mango Pickle/Achar (മാങ്ങാ അച്ചാറ്)Short VideoVegetarianEasy to make Mango Pickle/AcharNot availableRecipe
Papaya Thoren (ഒമക്ക തൊരൻ)Short VideoVegetarianPapaya is a fruit with medicinal values.  There is no better way to cook it than to saute’ it with grated coconut and the wonderful Indian spices, including turmeric.  Always a wonderful accompaniment to rice.Not availableRecipe
Padavalanga Parippu Curry (പടവലങ്ങാ പരിപ്പ് കറി)Short VideoVegetarianPadavalanga Parippu CurryNot availableRecipe
Beetroot Pachadi (ബീറ്റ് റൂട്ട് പച്ചടി)Short VideoVegetarianPachadi is Yogurt infused with spices and a specific vegetable of choice. Beetroot Pachadi provides the earthy taste of Beets and the spices provide the tanginess, while the yogurt tempers the tastes with its sweetness.Not availableRecipe
Kappa BiriyaniShort VideoNon-VegetarianA slight misnomer Kappa Biriyani is a combination of Kappa and Erachi (Tapioca & Beef). The combination of two common favorites. Both Kappa and Erachi are cooked separately with its own spices and finally combined to make the Kappa Erachi Biriyani.Full VideoRecipe
KozhukuttaShort VideoVegetarianCoconut flakes spiced with cardamom and sweetened with sugar is stuffed in rice balls. A favorite snack in the state of Kerala.Full VideoRecipe
Bacon wrapped Chicken - snackShort VideoNon-VegetarianA wonderful snack the bacon wrapped chicken takes on the bacon flavor and retains the deep taste of the chicken.Full VideoRecipe
Diamond Cut - SweetComing SoonSnacks & AppetizersSweet Diamond Cuts made with All-purpose flour and sugar with a hint of cardamom is a favorite in the south of India, especially Kerala. The sweet and crunchy diamond cuts will be your favorite once tasted.Full VideoRecipe
Diamond Cut - SpicyComing SoonSnacks & AppetizersSpicy Diamond cuts is the opposite version of the Sweet Diamond cuts. It is a crunchy, spicy and savory snack worth munching during TV time.Full VideoRecipe
Masala Chai Coming SoonSnacks & AppetizersMasala Chai literally translated means “spiced tea”, not a spicy tea. Masala chai is different in different regions of India. It can be infused with just one spice, such as ginger (dry or fresh) or with combination of spices. Always a staple of the Four O clock snack, Masala Chai is now appreciated throughout the world.Full VideoRecipe
Mango LassiComing SoonSnacks & AppetizersA thick, sweet drink made with yogurt and sweet mango pulp, almost always a welcome drink in a home in India right after the perfunctory glass of water.Full VideoRecipe
Dal CurryShort VideoVegetarianThere are as many varieties of Dal (lentil) curry as there are lentils. The Indian word tadka (tempering) were made famous by Dal curry. Lightly spiced and made wonderfully aromatic by the tempering Dal curry is worth tasting. This version does not have grated cocount.Full VideoRecipe
RaitaComing SoonVegetarianA traditional side dish Raita provides the cooling effect of the yogurt is a delicious Indian side that has a cooling effect. It's made with whisked plain yogurt and can be sweet or earthy.Full VideoRecipe
Fish PIckleShort VideoNon-VegetarianBitter gourd (pavaka) lives up to its name – it is bitter. But a little spice and a deep fry makes the bitter gourd a meal favorite or even a specialty snack.Full VideoRecipe
Gobi ManchurianShort VideoVegetarianOne of the favorites in the indo-chinese cooking Gobi Manchurian can be dry or wet. The combination of Chinese sauces with a crispy deep-fried cauliflower (Gobi) makes this dish part of the Indian cooking.Full VideoRecipe
Fried PavakaShort VideoVegetarianBitter gourd (pavaka) lives up to its name – it is bitter. But a little spice and a deep fry makes the bitter gourd a meal favorite or even a specialty snack.Full VideoRecipe
Tuna ThorenShort VideoVegetarianFull VideoComing Soon
Vegetable KormaShort VideoVegetarianA mildly spiced and richly creamy dish made with a medley of vegetables are deceptively decadent in the taste and a favorite vegetarian accompaniment to chapati and rice.Full VideoComing Soon
Eggplant TheeyalShort VideoVegetarianRoasted coconut curry enhanced with spices and eggplantsFull VideoRecipe
Chicken Roast (English)Short VideoNon-VegetarianChicken pieces marinated with dry spices, fried and double roasted in spicesFull VideoRecipe
Spicy Rasam SoupShort VideoVegetarianA medley of spices gives this soup an enchanting sour and sweet tasteFull VideoRecipe


Ammini Aunty (Saramma/Sara) did not learn all her cooking skills from her childhood in Kerala. At the age of seventeen like many of her friends and cohorts in nursing, Sara began a nursing career in Mumbai the erstwhile Bombay. She learned cooking because of the necessity of survival. She found cooking natural and her friends willing to teach what they knew. Over forty years of experimenting with food and feeding family and friends made cooking her go-to hobby and passion. In those years, those who have tasted her cooking, have praised her talents and have come back for more again and again. When her children requested she document her recipes on YouTube, she was more than willing to help. It makes Ammini Aunty so happy when viewers share pictures of their recreations of her recipes and share how the videos helped give them the confidence to try Kerala-style cooking.

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